New Perspectives: Standing Up


Wednesday, April 15 | 10:00 AM | VANCITY THEATRE

Through narrative fiction, poetry and documentary, these short films reveal the courage and strength of young people who take pride in who they are, and stand up for themselves.

Themes: love, acceptance, adoption, family relationships, sibling rivalry, sexual identity, adversity, poverty and racism

Note: Filmmaker Dave Shortt, and Shawnee Gaffney, subject of Under the Rainbow, will be in attendance to discuss the project with the film’s producer, Trish Garner. Garner is a community organizer with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition.

This program of short films screens as part of TALENT LAB for secondary schools.

The Community Sponsor for this progam is Out on Screen.


Alex was adopted at birth. Now that she has come of age, her biological mother has agreed to meet her. She has to choose between declining this opportunity, or getting to know her mother. On the journey, Alex strives to overcome the fear of losing something precious.

In Spanish with English subtitles

Being a Teen is Tough

A youth from Haida Gwaii shares some challenges of - and solutions to - being a teenager.

In Haida with English subtitles


When Idunn stays home alone for the first time, her brother Even has big plans for her. Even thinks that his sister is the biggest sissy on the planet. Will this ordinary winter day be the scariest day in Idunn's life? Or are things not as scary as they seem? And who is really the biggest sissy?


In Norwegian with English subtitles

Teenage Dance

A lonely teenager tries to decide: dress to express yourself or dress for the expectations of others.

The Community Sponsor for this progam is Out on Screen.

The Way He Looks

Leonardo is a 15 year-old blind student with a caring best friend named Giovana. When a new student, Gabriel, shows up the three become very close. It is only a matter of time until they have crushes on each other.

In Portuguese with English subtitles

The Community Sponsor for this progam is Out on Screen.

Under the Rainbow

This documentary features Shawnee Gaffney, a queer high school student facing family rejection, hunger, and homelessness. After being thrown out of her home, she finds herself couch-surfing with strangers and living a life of daily insecurity and vulnerability. It is through Shawnee’s story of resilience, combined with insights from service providers and researchers, that we learn of the many root causes that contribute to the high incidence of poverty in queer and trans communities in BC. 

Note: Filmmakers and cast will be in attendence for the Talent Lab screening only, to participate in a post-screening discussion with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition.

The Community Sponsor for this progam is Out on Screen.