Made in BC


Saturday, April 11 | 8:30 PM | VANCITY THEATRE

With a distinctly west coast voice, this collection of films offers a diverse perspective on youth issues, identity, and community engagement. What’s important to local filmmakers? What inspires them? What moves them to point of creating a film? Join us for a robust Q&A -- you may even walk away with an idea or two of your own.

Themes: homelessness, generosity, gender and sexual identity, fitting in, racism, love, finding yourself, teamwork, friendship, and celebrating differences

Recommended for 13+

Note: Filmmakers from Barbara Howard, Boardmasters, Colour of Our Feathers, Under the Rainbow, Body Image, Food For Thought, Gord's Brother, Being a Teen is Tough, PLUGIN, and Stand Still will be in attendance to answer questions.

The Colour of Our Feathers

In a world where gender dictates fashion, sixteen-year-old Vanessa Saccone finds her own unique expression of identity through style and photography.

Under the Rainbow

This documentary features Shawnee Gaffney, a queer high school student facing family rejection, hunger, and homelessness. After being thrown out of her home, she finds herself couch-surfing with strangers and living a life of daily insecurity and vulnerability. It is through Shawnee’s story of resilience, combined with insights from service providers and researchers, that we learn of the many root causes that contribute to the high incidence of poverty in queer and trans communities in BC. 

Note: Filmmakers and cast will be in attendence for the Talent Lab screening only, to participate in a post-screening discussion with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition.

The Community Sponsor for this progam is Out on Screen.

Wind & Tree

This hand drawn animation portrays the love that develops between Wind and Tree. To find a way to be together, they must sacrifice everything.

Awards: Ottawa International Animation Festival 2013 – Best Canadian Student Short

No dialogue