Made in BC


Saturday, April 11 | 8:30 PM | VANCITY THEATRE

With a distinctly west coast voice, this collection of films offers a diverse perspective on youth issues, identity, and community engagement. What’s important to local filmmakers? What inspires them? What moves them to point of creating a film? Join us for a robust Q&A -- you may even walk away with an idea or two of your own.

Themes: homelessness, generosity, gender and sexual identity, fitting in, racism, love, finding yourself, teamwork, friendship, and celebrating differences

Recommended for 13+

Note: Filmmakers from Barbara Howard, Boardmasters, Colour of Our Feathers, Under the Rainbow, Body Image, Food For Thought, Gord's Brother, Being a Teen is Tough, PLUGIN, and Stand Still will be in attendance to answer questions.

Barbara Howard

In 1938, while still in high school, Barbara Howard set a new record in sprinting and found herself on the Canadian team bound for Sydney, Australia. As a black female athlete, she became a media sensation as she prepared to run the race of her life.

Being a Teen is Tough

A youth from Haida Gwaii shares some challenges of - and solutions to - being a teenager.

In Haida with English subtitles


Boardmaster takes a playful look at how skateboarding was introduced in Uganda.  It was made in collaboration with members of the Uganda Skateboard Union in Kitintale, Uganda.

Body Image

A charming doc about perception - of yourself and others....

Food for Thought

How is it that the tiniest detail can sometimes ostracize someone for being a little 'different'?

Gift of Life

A poetic animation about a young man who loses the light in his life and attempts to get it back.

No dialogue

Gord's Brother

In a world where monsters and humans share an uneasy co-existence, Gord's family is dismayed to find that their new baby brother is a monster. This leaves Gord – who has only ever seen his little brother as wonderful - with no choice but to head out on the road to find the City of Monsters, the rumoured haven for all monster-kind. Along the way, they learn that the world is a strange place, and home and family are both what you make them.

Advisory: there are a few mildly scary moments (encounters with monsters)

Lost and Found

Living in a busy metropolis causes distance between people. Everyone tries to avoid unnecessary hindrances in life. The main character gets influenced by the aloof environment and loses his identity throughout the incidents. However, this leads to an extraordinary adventure which in the end, finds himself with a special one’s help.

No dialogue


This is the story of a mechanical city in which every citizen is responsible for generating lights by connecting the male and female parts of the mechanism. Everyone seems to fit into this perfect puzzle except G-­O who finds his perfect match. However, the City Authority tries to stop his uncommon union. It is up to G-­O and Ico to show their city that every connection is part of the same energy -­ love.

No dialogue


A sister feels stuck in the middle between supporting her gay brother in expressing his sexual identity, and considering the viewpoint of her Catholic parents. They say they accept their son's homosexuality, but do not approve of him being in a same-sex relationship.