Just a Little Different


Thursday, April 16 | 10:00 AM & 11:45 AM | ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE

Isn't it awful when you don't fit in? Sometimes the problem may be the way you approach it. What if you can turn this perceived negative into a positive? What if the thing that makes you different actually sets you apart in a good way? In these films the protagonists follow their own heart, and find acceptance, and maybe even love, isn't far behind.

Themes: disability, ingenuity, illness, loss, loyalty, love, and individuality

Recommended for grades 4-7

This program screens as part of REEL FOCUS for elementary schools.

Anna Beautiful Gaze

A young boy is bullied about his height, however he finds an unexpected role model in a famous Italian singer, Lucio Dalla.

In Italian with English Subtitles

Gord's Brother

In a world where monsters and humans share an uneasy co-existence, Gord's family is dismayed to find that their new baby brother is a monster. This leaves Gord – who has only ever seen his little brother as wonderful - with no choice but to head out on the road to find the City of Monsters, the rumoured haven for all monster-kind. Along the way, they learn that the world is a strange place, and home and family are both what you make them.

Advisory: there are a few mildly scary moments (encounters with monsters)


Yuli, a 9-year-old girl goes on a journey to a cave in the middle of the desert in order to find the cure that will make her mother smile again.

In Hebrew with English Subtitles

Advisory: there are a few mildly scary moments (encounter with a creepy muppet)



Mary's routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

In Spanish with English Subtitles

Advisory: contains an off-screen death, but ends on a positive note