Family Shorts


Saturday, April 11 | 11:00 AM | VANCITY THEATRE

This program of short films has animals, trains, wind and robots take us on eventful journeys that will make both young and old laugh, learn and ponder life's lessons. Come early for the Pajama Party preceding this program. Anyone who is wearing pajamas will be offered FREE breakfast snacks.

Themes: friendship, loneliness, family, love, adventure, and the joys of childhood

Classification: G

Recommended for ages 4+


Birth, growth and departure. This life cycle story turned fantasy explores the world of icings and cakes. Whimsical animation allows the viewers to think about their own journey.

No dialogue

Me and My Moulton

A seven-year-old girl longs for a bicycle so that she can be more like the other kids in her Norwegian town, but her embarrassingly unconventional, modernist architect parents see things differently. Academy Award-winning animator Torill Kove weaves memory and fantasy together in this droll and charming look at the pain of childhood alienation. Me and My Moulton is nominated for a 2015 Academy Award in the Animated Short Film category. 

Advisory: very brief glimpses of non-explicit nudity


Nuts, Nothing and Nobody

Nuts, Nothing and Nobody walk quietly through the forest, until Nothing falls in a hole.


This is the story of a mechanical city in which every citizen is responsible for generating lights by connecting the male and female parts of the mechanism. Everyone seems to fit into this perfect puzzle except G-­O who finds his perfect match. However, the City Authority tries to stop his uncommon union. It is up to G-­O and Ico to show their city that every connection is part of the same energy -­ love.

No dialogue

Pretty Crabby

This stop motion animation, made of knitted sets and characters, is about a little boy who is being chased around a beach by an angry crab.

The Giant Carrot

A mouse is chased by a cat who is chased by a dog, who is chased by a little girl, who is scolded by her grandmother, who is rebuked by her grandpa, who is making soup and needs a carrot...

No dialogue

Wind & Tree

This hand drawn animation portrays the love that develops between Wind and Tree. To find a way to be together, they must sacrifice everything.

Awards: Ottawa International Animation Festival 2013 – Best Canadian Student Short

No dialogue

Yodeling Farmer

In a wooden folk art universe, a crude Internet search takes the viewer on a ride down the information super railroad, exploring the life of Manitoba cowboy yodeling legend Stew Clayton.

Director Mike Maryniuk is R2R's artist in residence for 2015.