Doc Day


Tuesday, April 14 | 10:00 AM & 11:45 AM | ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE

Adventure awaits in Africa, Australia, India and North America! Pop ollies on skateboards, learn how to drive, bust gender stereotypes, prepare for the Olympics, and feel the importance of unconditional love. This is real life at its best!

Themes: friendship, compassion, hard work, poverty, companionship, humour, disability, and being true to yourself

Recommended for grades 4-7

This program screens as part of SUNDAY FUN DAY, and again with REEL FOCUS for elementary schools.

Barbara Howard

In 1938, while still in high school, Barbara Howard set a new record in sprinting and found herself on the Canadian team bound for Sydney, Australia. As a black female athlete, she became a media sensation as she prepared to run the race of her life.


Boardmaster takes a playful look at how skateboarding was introduced in Uganda.  It was made in collaboration with members of the Uganda Skateboard Union in Kitintale, Uganda.

Finding Josephine

A family has been supporting a child in Uganda via a charity for three years. They travel from the United Kingdom to Uganda to see if their donations really make it to the young girl who writes them letters.

In English and Swahili with English Subtitles

Advisory: mentions the deaths of a child’s family members

Gnarly in Pink: The Pink Helmet Posse

Meet Bella, Rella and Sierra, a trio of skateboarding six-year-olds who form the Pink Helmet Posse. This fantastical short follows the girls as they pop ollies and shred through gender stereotypes—all while dressed in tutus. In a sport where girls are traditionally underrepresented, the posse proves that despite their nail polish and pink helmets, there’s no limit to what they can do.

Advisory: deals with bullying


Dogs are widely embraced as beings of innate kindness, loyalty and unconditional love. These traits will be tested first hand as Matt, an eighteen-year-old boy affected by autism, shares the secrets of his friendship with Finn, his companion dog. Can a dog teach him the safety, comfort and love he can't learn from his human family?  

Advisory: deals with bullying

Sharukh - On the Road to Happiness

Sharukh, a 14-year-old boy who lives in the Indian mega-city of Mumbai, has been forced to work as a car mechanic to support his family since his father left. Is there still space for dreams in the dusty workshop? Shark wants to see his mother smile again and works toward this goal.

In Hindi with English Subtitles