Conflict and Resolution


Thursday, April 16, 12:20 PM & 1:40PM | VANCITY THEATRE

Life is full of conflict, but it is how we deal with it that makes us who we are. These films celebrate the capacity of people to connect with each other across religious, racial, class and generational differences. Using humour and imagination, the protagonists find strength and common ground in the face of adversity and intolerance

Themes: sexual identity, conflict, religion, overcoming obstacles, abuse, friendship, and resilience in the face of adversity

Note: Filmmakers for StandStill, Colour of Our Feathers  and Anatomy of Assistance will be in attendance. This short film program screens as part of the Youth Media Conference and is open to school group registration.*

*Students attending the 12:20 PM Conflict and Resolution screening will participate in the Behind the Scenes Expo at 1:40 PM. Students participating in the Behind the Scenes Expo at 12:20 PM will attend the Conflict and Resolution screening at 1:40 PM. The program activities end at 3:00 PM. However, students are welcome to attend the Youth Filmmakers Showcase at 4:00 PM. Please confirm when registering.

Anatomy of Assistance

Talia is smart, defiant, and, like any fifteen-year-old, believes she has all the answers. After reluctantly accepting financial assistance for her academic performance, she rebels and sets off a chain of events that forces her to face real-world consequences. 


16-year-old Emilie has always been a boy inside. His big struggle in life is that his mother wants Emilie to be a girl and cannot accept the ways Emilie feels inside. At an Easter lunch Emilie decides to do something drastic which has its consequences.

In Danish with English subtitles

Rooftops of Jerusalem

Holy city, controversial city, contested city. That's how people talk about Jerusalem. But who is paying the price? While Palestinian youth are practicing parkour on the rooftops, a group of Jewish boys, celebrating Purim interfere. What follows is a statement on racial intolerance and the loss of innocence for those born into the conflict.


A sister feels stuck in the middle between supporting her gay brother in expressing his sexual identity, and considering the viewpoint of her Catholic parents. They say they accept their son's homosexuality, but do not approve of him being in a same-sex relationship.

The Colour of Our Feathers

In a world where gender dictates fashion, sixteen-year-old Vanessa Saccone finds her own unique expression of identity through style and photography.