Digital Literacy Panel

Thursday, April 16 | 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM | VANCITY THEATRE

Youtube is a platform that allows people from all walks of life to share thoughts, and stories in creative and innovative ways. Students are spending hours consuming media on platforms such as Youtube, Vine, and Instagram. We invite students and teachers to attend the Digital Media Literacy Panel and watch and critique popular uploads from their favourite Youtubers, and perhaps some new faces. Meet the masterminds behind Youtube channels: Ask a Slave, Animal Wonders, PBS Game Show and Conversations with My Two Year Old. This will be two hours of energetic discussion, laughter and yes, some thinking. In the end you may see Youtube in a whole new light!


JanosSitar-Headshot Janos Sitar is a business analyst for Boeing Canada by day and a sessional lecturer on animation history at Emily Carr Universtity by night. Currently, he's focused on the narrative structure of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the relationship between animation and reality. 
Jody Baker is an instructor in media and cultural studies at Emily Carr and Simon Fraser Universities. His research and courses on television and advertising focus on how those media represent our world and our own experiences of that world back to us. He explores the ongoing development of consumer culture and is especially interested in the way authenticity and selfhood are reproduced on TV and in advertising. 




MatthewClarke-HeadshotIn Person

Matthew Clarke is a Vancouver based filmmaker, writer, actor, musician and comedian. He is most well know as creator, director and star of the hit, award winning web-series, “Convos With My 2-Year-Old,” which has garnered over 60 million views and 760,000+ subscribers. Over the past 15 years Matthew has worked in film, TV, theatre, toured North America with his band, Honey and the Money, created branded content for companies like Disney, Geico and Toyota, grown as a person, had numerous hair styles, owned two cars, joined a book club, and developed a habit of sharing things in bios that are completely irrelevant.
Azie Dungey
Skype Guest 
Azie Dungey is an actress, writer, and producer of the satirical web series 'Ask a Slave’, which garnered critical acclaim in New York Mag, The Washington Post, MSNBC, and BBC World among others. She is a writer on the upcoming Netflix show 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' from creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. 

Jamin Warren
Skype Guest
Jamin Warren founded videogame arts and culture company Kill Screen. Formerly a culture reporter for the Wall Street Journal, he serves as an advisor to MoMA's department of Architecture and Design. Jamin also hosts Game/Show for PBS Digital Studios. 
@jaminwar @killscreen @pbsgameshow

Skype Guest 
Jessi Knudsen Castañeda is the co-founder of Animal Wonders Inc. and writer/host for the YouTube channel Animal Wonders Montana. With a background in wildlife education, animal behaviour, and film production, Jessi has built an organization that focuses on creating an honest and passionate space to learn about wildlife and animal care. 


This program is avaialble by pre-registration only.